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April 02, 2008



Hi John,

Great points. I think the **truly** talented young leaders in the valley recognize the necessity of experience. Take google. Early on, they recognized that they don't know about the patterns that they have never seen before. The two very young guys FOCUSED on what they do best, which is understand the user problem space (people have a tough time finding stuff on the Internet) and design the best tools to pull up all the incredible data out there. So, they hired experienced leadership to head up the company (NOT just in the CEO, but the Sales VP, Engineering, etc.)

It is the arrogant/ignorant founders (young and old) who don't learn from past mistakes or learn from others' mistakes. They need to acknowledge their weaknesses, then hire (and actually listen) to these experienced, pattern-recognizing folks to 'make them look good.'

Easier said than done cause most of us can't see our blind spots.


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